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Stilo VENTI System info

STILO Venti System

The DG WL-10 digital amplifier from Stilo allows you to ditch the cables while retaining the world renowned Stilo sound quality. Sharing all the same features as the hugely popular DG-10 amplifier just without the need for cables to connect to the helmet, the DG WL-10 amplifier along with the rest of the Stilo 'WL' wireless products is a game changer for rallying. The Stilo DG WL-10 intercom amplifier features integrated Bluetooth for a wireless connection to any Bluetooth enables mobile phone. This allows for easy communication with service crews between stages. Two modes are available, road and stage which can manually selected. In stage mode the bluetooth connection is disabled to prevent incoming calls. It can also be connected to a 2-way radio with adaptor kits and cables available separately for popular brands such as Kenwood and Motorola. A camera connection is also featured for connecting any type of camera to supply audio to video footage. Powered directly from the vehicles 12v supply.

·         Wireless connection from the amplifier to the helmet

·         Two RCA connections for external radio and camera connections

·         Works with the Stilo 'WL' key which plugs into the helmet comms port (Stilo Venti WRC and ST5 WL models only)

·         Digital active noise cancelling filters


Will it work with the current helmets like my composite WRC or Carbon Piuma?

Stilo Strongly advises against this option. Though the electronics will technically work, the Venti is designed around the Wireless Key. Not only is the port more recessed and in a more forward location, it also has a different configuration allowing the key to sit deeper and thus more unobtrusive. Using with a current helmet is not advised as it does not sit flush when installed and also is too close to the FHR Posts.

How much is it?

Consult your local Stilo Dealer

What do I need to purchase?

You can purchase the wireless key separately (one per helmet, comes with charging cable) and a wireless intercom. You can also buy a kit comprising of 2 x wireless key, and 1 x intercom. The benefit of the kit is they come pre-paired and thus a true 'plug and play' solution.

How long will the batteries last?

The batteries last about 5 hours, continuous communication and can easily re-charged with the accompanying magnetic USB charging cable

What is the range?

The range is approximately 10 metres from the wireless intercom. This is an in-car communication but allows communication on the periphery of the vehicle when working on any repairs.

What about my GoPro, can I use it?

The Wireless intercom has an audio outlet for this purpose (and can be used with any type of camera)

What about practice headsets?

Practice headsets will also be available, with the wireless component ‘built in’ so you do not need an extra wireless key

Will the Venti helmet work with my current (wired) Stilo intercom?

Yes, it will work with the current wired units. Just plug it in!

Will there be a ST5R Version?

Yes, there will, the main difference will be the recessed port on the right side will be for the new key, and it will be called the ST5R WL (available in Carbon Fiber only)

How does it work with my phone?

You can connect your phone to the digital intercom using BT

Can I use it with my 2-way radio?

Yes, adapter kits and cables are available (Kenwood, Motorola etc) just as they are now:


Cable for Yaesu radio


Cable for Kenwood radio TH280/380


Cable for Kenwood radio, 2 jacks


Cable for Motorola GP3 100 radio, 2 jacks


Cable for Motorola GP320 radio


Cable for Motorola GP328 radio


Cable for Motorola GP350 radio


Cable for Vertex Vx-2200 radio


Cable for universal cable


Cable for ICOM IC-F51 radio

Is the wireless radio system compatible with ALL WRC DES headsets?

DG wireless (main unit) is not compatible with current headsets as there is no wired option

Is the nexus plug the same as the DG10/WRC radios?

The plug and the pin out are the same

On the VENTI WRC the female plug is recessed.

In case it is not compatible, is there a jet/integral headset kit available to equip other helmets with this system?

It is NOT possible to change the electronic kit in the helmet of an old helmet to make it compatible with wireless

Is the radio also equipped with cable in case of failure/breakdown/interference of the wireless system?

NO, at the moment the only version available will be DG Wireless without cables.

In case of disconnection if the person is too far away, does the reconnection happen automatically?

Yes, the system has automatic re-connection

Is there a possibility of interference if there are several cars equipped with this system?

The system is designed to limit interference due to the presence of several devices operating at the same time. Each wireless key must be paired with the relevant main unit on the car

What wireless protocol is used for this system?

The protocol is a proprietary protocol that works on the 2.4 GHz frequencies of free use (ISM band)

Are the radio and the key tropicalized (dustproof and splashproof, IP standard, IPX, etc.) -> Rally Raid? SSV?

At the moment there is no IP declaration, but the key has been designed to be dustproof and splashproof.

Is it possible to connect more than 2 keys to the radio (trucks with 3 people in the cabin?) (exchange of driver/co-driver during a race without having to re-match the system)

The intercom can store multiple devices in memory, but at the moment only 2 keys (one for driver and one for codriver) can have the audio active at the same time.

Is the radio powered by a battery or the 12V/24V car battery?

The wireless DG (main unit) is powered (like the current DG10) by the car battery 12 / 24V . Inside there will be a small buffer battery that will allow you to keep communications active (for about 1 hour) even with the car off.

What is the weight of the radio and the key?

DG wireless main unit= 140 grams.

DG Key = 30 grams

Is the key able to provide the same volume in the headphones as a DG-10/30 or a WRC DES 9V?

Yes, the same volume

Is the new "Venti" headset compatible with "classic" WRC DES and Verbacom systems? (sizes and availability of the headphones)

No, wireless headsets compatible with the wireless intercom will be available later on

Does the radio have a Bluetooth connection like the DG-10 to be able to pair with a phone?

Yes, the DG wireless (main unit) can be connected to a Bluetooth compatible phone as for the DG10.

Does the radio have an input AND an audio output to connect a camera and an auxiliary input for example?

Yes, the DG wireless main unit will have 1 RCA (OUT) connector to connect a Camera (record audio conversations) and will also have a connector to which it will be possible to connect a two-way radio using an adapter (sold separately).

What is the price of the radio alone? of the key alone?

Please see price sheet

Does the radio have USB plugs allowing the keys to be recharged in the car?

It does not

Do the USB cables supplied have a power adapter? (230V? EU plug?)

No, the cable is a standard USB supplied without plug

Can the keys work while charging?

Yes, but it is not ideal: the product is designed to free you of the wires!

Is it possible to operate the radio with only one helmet (one key) connected to it and a phone in Bluetooth? In case one of the 2 keys would be lost or for a use on circuit with only one driver and one engineer in the pits?

Yes, this is possible.

Will the Venti and ST5R WL headsets be delivered with keys by default, or will they have to be purchased separately

They will need to be purchased separately